Monday, 3 October 2016

Hajj and Umrah Fees Enhanced from Today

Counting a progression of custom acts emblematic of the lives of Ibrahim (A.S.) and Hajar (A.S.), Umrah, in spite of the fact that not necessary as Hajj seems to be, it is still exceedingly suggested inside the confidence and influencing the travel with an authority to organization enables you to movement together with others in the customary traveler articulation of solidarity. We offer travel guidance on everything from flight and booking courses of action to the customs themselves along with Cheap Umrah Packages. Voyaging abroad can be distressing, yet we expect to remove the problem from Hajj and Umrah.

Saudi Arabia increased costs Hajj and Umrah Packages effective from today. Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, who is the chairman of the Council of Ministers decided to strengthen Hajj and Umrah fees for attending Saudi Arabia for the second time for the purpose of pilgrimage. Umrah fees for two months SR.200 and for three months will be SR. 300. It is understood that Saudi Arab was forced to strengthen costs as it faces a deficit due to lower gasoline prices.

It should be noted that in February this year, the price of gasoline dropped to $ 26 a barrel. By generating more funds through the collection of fees Hajj and Umrah, Gob. Saudi Arabic is trying to avoid budget deficit


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