Thursday, 26 March 2020

What are the main Umrah updates for Muslims?

For the first time, people are seeing compelled to search for the best way to do Umrah in 2020. Because Umrah is ban due to Coronavirus in this year. Nobody Know when this opportunity will be gotten in future.

With observing update news related to Umrah, now people are seeing a little bit upset to see the list of new affected persons with Coronavirus. Some of them think that they may not be succeeded in performing Hajj 2020.

But they should never think about more Corona because it is just an epidemic that will be ended in future and Allah will help us to invent the antidote against it. (Insha Allah)

So, if we lose the chance of Umrah in Ramadan or Hajj then we should prepare ourselves for the next moment. I hope after the end of Hajj season 2020, Saudi Arabia had been changed some of the policies for performing Umrah. The Saudi government wants to remove all the obstacles which often people were faced.

Already Saudi Arabia changed their major steps to get Umrah Visa like Umrah e visa. When an epidemic disease spread in a society or country then it does not mean that it has happened for all time, no, medical scientists or pharmacist start to search a cure against this such as they developed the vaccines against the Plague, Dengue, TB, etc.

I read a news that Saudi Arabia will open the gates of Kingdom for Umrah Pilgrims on 31st March 2020. But this is a news and ratio of affected people will never permit to reopen the gate of Kindom for pilgrims or tourists on 31st March.

First of all, I want to tell people how I chose a package in 2020 for the sacred journey. Nowadays, I was looking for Best Cheap Umrah packages on Google because it is a great search engine. I just typed the Umrah package on the search bar and found 10 top results because of the nature of this search engine. After examining the first ten results, I found a lot of packages out there.

So the package is a great way to complete any trip as it can provide you with cheap flights, transportation and accommodation. If someone wants to get an Umrah Guide, then the travel agency can also arrange for you an Umrah Guide. I do not get any news at this time that Saudi Arabia's Ministry of Hajj and Umrah will more update the implementing new visa policies.

There are three important updates for Umrah visitors that had implemented already in the starting period of 2020.

1) 2000SAR Extra charge eliminated
2) Issuance of Umrah e-visa
3) Visiting other cities

1) 2000SAR Extra charge eliminated

In the past, if a Muslim wanted to perform a second Umrah after the first in 2 years then he/she would have to pay some additional fees 2000 SAR. According to the new policy, this is not mandatory for us. This time the Saudi government has fixed a visa fee of 300 SARs for each person and people can carry out multiple Umrah in a year at their custom.

2) Issuance of Umrah e-visa

The Ministry of Hajj and Umrah has launched an E visa program in 49 countries. E-Visas means electronic visas. This new visa system has replaced the old system, which was based on paperwork. It was a rule that a candidate could not submit his Umrah visa directly to the Saudi Embassy or Consulate.

3) Visiting other cities

The city of Jeddah is closer to Mecca than to others. According to Google Maps, the distance between Jeddah and Makkah is 40 km and 89 km from the road. The distance between Madinah to Mecca is 451.2 km. Most people choose the city of Jeddah to reach Saudi Arabia.

In the past, people could not visit cities other than Mecca, Medina, and Jeddah, as this was the ruling for Umrah pilgrims. Currently, this rule is broken. People can now travel to other cities of the country during the journey to Umrah by obtaining a tourist visa.

I recommend it to anyone who wants to carry out a package for this trip. I was confused about what the best way to do Umrah this year before knowing the best travel agency. Then Allah helped me find the best agency, and I found a travel agency in the UK called the Labbaik Hajj Umrah.

All world Muslims should pray to Allah eliminate the Coronavirus immediately. And we start again to visit Allah's house and the Tomb of Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) in the coming days. (Ameen)