Friday, 2 August 2019

How Muslims Celebrate the Rabi al Awwal?

Rabi al Awwal is 3rd Islamic Month it is an important month for Muslims due to Mawlid which means the birthday of the Islamic Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him). Debates between several scholars about the exact date of birth but all accepted the month of birth was Rabi al Awwal.  According to the Gregorian calendar, the birth date was 20th April.

Allah says in the Holy Quran about His Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him):

Verily, in the Prophet of Allah, you have a good example for him who looks to Allah and the Last Day, and remembers Allah much.”

In the Arabic language, the word Rabi means “spring” and al Awwal means “the first”, therefore, the meaning of complete word Rabia al-Awwal is “The first spring”, but the starting and ending dates of month change in Islamic lunar calendar, sometime Rabi al-Awwal comes in winter, spring, summer, and autumn, therefore this meaning can’t be related to the actual season rather you can realize here that the advent of happiness comes after the dismal winter symbolically.

Most Important Events in Rabi al-Awwal:

8th Rabi al Awwal, the death of Imam Hassan Al-Askari (11th Imam of Shia Islam)
28th Rabi al Awwal, the death of Abu Talib (RA) who was the uncle of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).
12th Rabi al Awwal, Muslims celebrate Eid Milad ul Nabi
10th Rabi al Awwal, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) married Hazrat Khadijah (RA).
9th Rabi al Awwal, Eid e Shuja (Shia sect of believers celebrate this day)
18th Rabi al Awwal, the birth of Umm Kulthum bint Ali
13th Rabi al Awwal, Death of Beloved wife of Imam Hussain (Bibi Rubab)
17th Rabi al Awwal, Muslims celebrate the birthday of the Imam Jaffar Sadi
The building of Quba mosque (first mosque in the Islam) and the migration (Hijra) also took place in this month.

Commonly this event is celebrated on 12th or 17th of Rabi al Awwal. Different country’s Muslims celebrate this month in different ways but the idea behind all celebrations is the same though.

How Muslims Celebrate Rabi al Awwal?

Most Muslims want to celebrate this month and especially the birthday of Prophet (PBUH) in the area of Madina and Makkah during the performing of Umrah. Now this year 2019, Rabi al-Awwal will start from 18 October and it will end on the 19 October according to Umm Al-Qura calendar of Saudi Arabia, therefore, this may be proved a peak season for Umrah but Muslims can perform Umrah this year with Cheap Umrah Packages 2020 with Flights.

Residents of Pakistan and its surrounding countries celebrate this event by arranging the Islamic concerts in which scholars describe the role of Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) that how he led humanity from darkness to light. Muslims generally put various colored lights on streets, roads, and their homes and some of them put the green flags on homes and offices due to the green color of Dome of Masjid Nabvi. Muhammad (PBUH) was the Last Prophet and Messenger of Allah and Allah revealed the Holy Quran on His beloved Prophet (PBUH). Despite different miracles, Muhammad (PBUH) was a man, a human being.

Approximately, 7 billion people live on the planet and there is no place in the world where Muslims community does not exist. In Europe and the West, Muslims celebrate this event and month by talking about the life of Muhammad (PBUH) and His teachings.

In the areas of such parts of the world, Islam is not dominant as it is dominant in Asia and the Middle East. There is a lack of Islamic organizations to learn about Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) in Europe and West.

In fact, the best way to celebrate Rabi al Awwal is to honor Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)’s teachings. Prophet (PBUH) always emphasized the importance of helping others and carrying out charity work.

Friday, 14 June 2019

Some Unknown Amazing Facts About Al-Nabvi Mosque

Al-Nabvi Mosque is the second holiest mosque in the world whereas the first mosque is Al-Haram Mosque. Al-Nabvi Mosque is also called the Prophet’s Mosque and this mosque was established and originally built by the Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him). This mosque is situated in the Madina which is the city of Saudi Arabia.

Many Muslims go to visit this mosque when they go to perform Umrah and Hajj. Umrah is a holy journey to the site of Kaaba and it can be performed at any time of the year. Most Muslims are performing Umrah with Umrah Packages 2020 all inclusive this year and they will visit different Ziyarah places in the packages. Al-Nabvi mosque is one of the various Ziyarah places.

It was built when Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) made migration from Makkah toward Madina.
After the migration, Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) had no any house to live and at that time, some of the most notable tribe offered their place but Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) did not accept their offer.

Rather, he (PBUH) said every one to allow his Camel to go her own way for “she is guided by Allah” and his camel knelt on the place where Al-Nabvi Mosque is placed today, therefore, Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) decided to stay at the place and Al-Nabvi Mosque was built.

The initial condition of this mosque was so simple. Its the total area was just about 35 X 30 meters and the building of this mosque consisted of walls (date branches), pillars (tree trunks), and roof (straw).  The building of the mosque had 3 doors which names are Bab-al-Rahmah, Bab-al-Jibril, and Babal-Nisa and they were opened in direction of south, west, and east.

After the Gazwah Khaibar, the size and height of the mosque were increased to 50 X 50 meters and 3.5 meters respectively. After the time of Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him), the dimensions of the mosque have been changed many times but the current situation of this mosque is; area= 90,000 square meters, height=1300 meters, long roof= 66,000 meters, and pillars=  2,000 more than.
The first time, the dome was constructed almost 650 years after Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him)’s burial and it was painted in various colors including white and purple before being painted in the beautiful green we see it today.

In 1909, first place (Al-Nabvi Mosque) to be lit up when electricity was introduced to Arabian Peninsula whereas Sultan of Istanbul himself had full access to electricity after many years for his places.

In Arabic, word Suffah means shed or porch, so term Ashab al-Suffa was given to those Companions who stayed in the shed next to the Al-Nabvi Mosque and devoted their lives for learning the Holy Quran and seeking knowledge from the Messenger of Allah (Peace Be Upon Him).

Most of the Hadiths are narrated by those people and some names of those companions are Abu Hurairah (RA), Abdullah ibn Masud (RA), Bara ibn Malik (RA), Bilal al-Habshi (RA), Talha ibn Ubaydullah (RA), and Abu Zar al-Gifari (RA).

At the construction time, Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) allocated a separate space with cool shelter for passengers and those who had no place to go and this action of Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) gives us the lesson of kindness and sharing.

This mosque worked as a center for preaching Islam. At that time of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), people offered their prayers and got knowledge in this mosque and after gaining knowledge, people traveled to other countries for preaching.

In the one Hadith, Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) stated:

Do not prepare yourself for a journey to any mosque (in term of prayers) but the 3 mosques al-Haram Mosque, al-Aqsa Mosque, and my Mosque
(Bukhari: No. 1115)

In Another Hadith Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) said:

One Prayer in my mosque is better than 1000 prayers in any other mosque excepting al-Haram Mosque”.
(Bukhari: No. 1116)

Nobody wants to miss the chance of getting the reward of 1000 prayers beside the one prayer, therefore, people should perform Umrah as soon as possible for them. They can perform the Umrah this year with the Cheap Umrah Packages 2020 all inclusive from anywhere in this world.

Mimbar of the Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) has a very important part in Islam because at this place Muhammad (PBUH) sat when they felt some tiredness during addresser.

The most sacred part of this mosque is Chamber of Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) and it was the house of Hazrat Ayesha (RA) where the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), Abu Bakr (RA), Umrah Farooq (RA) are resting in peace.

In one Hadith, Hazrat Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) said:

Anyone who comes to visit me and he came solely for this the purpose then It becomes Wajib upon me to do intercession for him on the Day of Judgment”.

On the eastern side of this place, there is the house of a daughter (Hazrat Fatima (RA)) of the Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him).

Another great part of this mosque is Riyadh-ul-Jannah which is 22 m in length and 15 m in width, with some part of it situated chamber of Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him).

Abu Hurairah (RA) reported that the Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) stated:

Between my house and my pulpit lays a garden from the gardens of Paradise, and my pulpit is upon my fountain (Al-Kauthar)”.                   (Bukhari)

May Allah gives us a chance to visit the Al-Nabvi Mosque at least one time in life.

Friday, 10 May 2019

Uhud- A Mountain from the Mountains of Paradise

Mount Uhud is a famous mountain in Saudi Arabia which is located in the north of Madina. Uhud mountain consists of a group of mountains that enlarges from the east to the west with a length of “7” km. Its width is about 3km and it is at a distance of 5km from the Al-Nabvi Mosque.

A Hadith about Uhud Mountain is reported by Hazrat Ans (RA), in which Hazrat Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) stated:

Uhud is a mountain that loves us & we love it.

Most of Muslims visit this mountain in Madina when they perform Umrah because it is a Ziyarah Place which is included in their Umrah Packages all inclusive. When anyone visits this mountain then he/she will find many monuments on the mountain such as there are graves of seventy companions who are martyred in the Battle of Uhud. Sayyid Ash Shuhada Shrine is also located on the mountain of Uhud and it was a title of Hazrat Hamza (RA).

Another Hadith about Uhud Mountain which is mentioned in Hadith Books of Al-Bukhari, Abu Dawood, and Tirmidhi.

The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) stated:

Stand still Uhud, there is a prophet, an honest man and 2 martyrs.

In Islamic history, there was fought a great war between the Makkah’s atheists and Madina’s Muslims. This battle took place near this mountain. In the Battle, Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) assigned the duty of fifty archers at the side of the mountain. But Muslim archers leave this side of the mountain while Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) strictly order to stay there. 

The force of Polytheists attacked the Muslims from behind due to archers descended from the Point of Uhud Mountain.

Due to a slight mistake, seventy Muslims were martyred in this battle. In this battle, Hazrat Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) lost his beloved uncle Hazrat Hamza (RA).

Mount Uhud was used in many examples:

The Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) stated about the legs of Ibn Masood (RA):
By Him in whose Hand my soul is, they are heavier in the scale than Mount Uhud.

The Messenger (PBUH) of Allah said:
If you had an amount of gold equal to that of Mount Uhud and you spent it in the way of God, God would not accept it from you until you believe in fate. (Ahmad)

It would not please me to have an amount of gold equal to that of Mount Uhud and die while having 1 or 1/2 a dinar of it except for a creditor.” (Ad-Daarimi)

In order to show the reward of Funeral prayer, the Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) stated:
The 1 who performs the Funeral Prayer will get a Qiraat, and the 1 who witnesses it until the dead is buried will get 2 Qiraats. By Him in whose Hands the soul of Muhammad (PBUH) is, the Qiraat is greater than this Uhud. (Ibn Maajah).

Wednesday, 24 April 2019

5 Miqat Locations (Places) from where you need to wear Ihram for Umrah

Umrah is a Holy Journey but rewards of Umrah is less than the rewards of Hajj because Hajj is mandatory while Umrah is not mandatory. Muslims can get many uncounted rewards during the Umrah, in which main rewards, remove the poverty, forgiveness from sins, and reward which is equal to the reward of Jihad.

Therefore, everyone should know about all parts of Umrah, if anyone has decided to perform it in this year. The parts of Umrah is so simple such as Ihram, Tawaf, Sai, and Halq or Taqsir and there is the best option for him/her, which is a Travel agency. Let’s suppose if you make a plan to perform Umrah then firstly, you will go to the best travel agency which will arrange different best Umrah Packages 2020 on your requires and wishes.

What is a necessary part to perform the Umrah?

Umrah consists of four parts, if one part is left at any reason then Umrah will not complete. Therefore Ihram is very essential and is the first part of Umrah But then a question which comes in the mind of every person, where is the best place to wear Ihram?

The best place of wearing Ihram is Miqat and it means “a stated place”. It is only necessary for those persons who want to perform Hajj and Umrah. 

There are five points of Miqat to wearing the Ihram.

1-First Point of Miqat to wearing the Ihram:

It is Dhat Irq Miqat and it is around 94 km towards the North East of Makkah. This is the miqat for pilgrims of Iraq, Iran and for those coming from that direction. Dhat Irq is Miqat point used during Hajj on the way from Makkah to Kufa.

2-Second Point of Miqat to wearing the Ihram:

It is Yalamlam Miqat and it is a mountainous area around 92 km to the South East of Makkah. This is the miqat for pilgrims of Yemen and for those coming from that direction. It is also pointed for Umrah from India. Moreover, it also points for China, Pakistan, Japan and those coming from that direction.

3-Third Point of Miqat to wearing the Ihram:

It is a Miqat Masjid Dhul Hulafah and it is around 9 km from Madina and around 450 km from Makkah. It is Miqat for those who are the residence of Madina and for those who want to approach Makkah from that same direction. Nowadays it is known as “Abar Ali”.

If someone wants to perform Hajj from Madina then he/she should wear Ihram at miqat from Madina. It is not necessary for him/her that he/she wears Ihram by going inside the miqat mosque Dhul Hulifa. He/she can wear on the side of the mosque as well.
There is no issue to wear the Ihram in old and new mosque.

4- The Fourth point of Miqat to wear the Ihram:

It is Juhfa Miqat and it is around 183 km to the northwest of Makkah. This is the miqat for people who come from the direction of Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, Europe, Turkey, North America, Algeria, and North Africa.

This city is nine kilometers far from the city of Ghadir Khumm, close to the Red Sea. Nowadays, those pilgrims use this Miqat to wear Ihram who wants to perform Hajj and Umrah from Jeddah to Makkah. The old name of this city was Mahyaa.

5- The Fifth point of Miqat to wear Ihram:

It is Qarn al-Manazil and it is a mountainous spot close to Taif due to which it is also known as Miqat Taif. It is situated at about 94 km to the east of Makkah. It serves as a Miqat for pilgrims of Najd and for those people who live in Taif and Riyadh. This miqat is also used for people who come from the U.A.E. and such as Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, Pakistan, and etc.

What is the Miqat in Makkah for Umrah?

Muslims who come to perform Umrah from the whole world that they wear Ihram from any of five Miqats which will be mention above.

2nd question, which comes in the mind of people, where is Miqat in Makkah for Umrah.
Muslims who are resident of the city of Makkah, they can go to the nearest Miqat from Makkah to wear Ihram.

1: Ayesha Mosque:

It is a miqat for residents of Makkah and they go to this mosque to wear the Ihram.

2: Jaranah Mosque:

People wear Ihram in this mosque because our beloved Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) worn his Ihram when He (PBUH) returned from the battle of Hunayn.

3-Hudaybiyah Mosque:

This mosque is placed on that location where Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) wanted to enter the Makkah to perform Umrah but the non-Muslims of Makkah did not allow Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) and his companions to enter in the Makkah. This place is also used to wear the Ihram because it is outside the boundary of Haram.

Miqat is a very important place for every Muslim who wants to perform the Umrah but if he/she breaks the rules of wearing Ihram then his/her Umrah does not complete. If anyone wants to perform Umrah with a fulfill intentions then he/she will need to go the best travel agency which provides proper guidance with the best Cheap Umrah Packages.

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Three Stages Of Ramadan | The Parts Of The Month Of Ramadan


Ramadan is the ninth month of the Muslim calendar (Islamic lunar calendar). In Muslim calendar, months may be consist of 29 or 30 days. It is a great month from other months because Muslims fast during this month. Fasting during the month of Ramadan is a pillar of Islam whereas the total number of pillars in Islam are five. There are some important reasons due to which Ramadan is different from the other months.

The first reason is that Allah revealed the Holy Quran to Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) in this month and a night comes in this month, which is greater from all other nights, in the term of rewards, because the worships of this night is equal to worships of nights of One Thousand months. This is a great reward of Allah for the Muslims. The name of this night is called Laylatul Qadar.

This is a great month for performing the Umrah, therefore Muslims from all over the world want to perform Umrah in this month. It is a peak season for Umrah, therefore, in these days of Ramadan, the price rate of flights, hotels, and transports are increased than the other days. It is essential for everyone who performs the Umrah this year, then he/she should go to the travel agency who will help you with Ramadan Umrah Packages 2020.

In this month, 1 reward is equal to 70 rewards. The month of Ramadan is divided into three stages or three parts.

The first stage of the month reflects the mercy of Allah Almighty.

The second stage of this month reflects the forgiveness of Allah Almighty.

The third stage of this month reflects safety from hell.

1: First Stage of Ramadan:

The first 10 days of the month of Ramadan are the days of Mercy, therefore, every Muslim must seek the mercy and blessings of Allah in these days because His mercy is boundless. A special verse which every Muslim recites in the first ten days.

Translation of the verse: O! My Lord (Allah) Forgive and have Mercy and you are the Best of Merciful.

The purpose of the 1st stage of Ramadan is practicing being merciful to your fellow beings by:

1: Giving charity because Allah loves this act.

2: Treat fellow people well by controlling your attitude.

3: Allah helps those who help others, therefore, Help people whenever and never say to them.

2: Second stage of Ramadan:

The 2nd stage of Ramadan also consists of 10 days. It starts from 11th Ramadan and ends 20th Ramadan.

Therefore second 10th days of Ramadan are days of forgiveness. In these days, Muslims must seek the forgiveness of Allah and regret their sins.

A special Dua for the 2nd stage is:

Translation: I seek forgiveness from Allah Almighty, my Lord (Allah), from every sin I committed.

Forgiveness means Astagfar. In these days, Allah’s forgiveness is at its peak.

He pardons just the individuals who prostrate before him with ashamed spirit and promise in the heart not to do the same again ever. Allah loves those who regret their sins, in fact, He is the only forgiver.

3: Third stage of Ramadan:

This is the last stage of the month of Ramadan. It starts from 21st Ramadan and ends 29th or 30th Ramadan.

Third 10th days of Ramadan are days of seeking refuge or safety form the hell. Muslims must seek safety from the hell which is a place of bad people. This is a very superior and important stage of Ramadan. The night of lailatul Qadar comes in this stage.

As Allah stated in the Quran:

We sent it (Quran) down on a blessed Night. Verily, we are ever warning. Therein (in that Night) is decreed every matter of ordainment. Amran (i.e. a command or this Quran or His Decree of every matter) from Us. Verily, we are ever sending a Mercy from your Lord.

In these days, Muslims do zikar, recite Holy Quran, Itikaf, and offer special Nafls.

A special Dua for this stage is:

Translation: O Allah! Protect us from the Hell – Fire

Wednesday, 16 January 2019

Umrah During The Holy Month Of Ramadan

Umrah definition:
The Umrah is an Islamic pilgrimage to Mecca, Hijaz, Saudi Arabia, performed by Muslims throughout the year.
Umrah means "to visit a populated place". In the Sharia, Umrah consist of these steps:
1: To perform the Tawaf around the Ka‘bah (House of Allah).
2: Sa'i between Safa and Marwah.
3: To passing the places of Miqat like Zu 'l-Hulafa, Juhfa, Qarnu 'l-Manāzil, Yalamlam, Zāt-i-'Irq,
     Ibrahīm Mursīa.
Note: Ihram must be worn in all activities and ihram is an essential dress for every person who performs Umrah.
Umrah During Ramadan:
Umrah done during the month of Ramadan can't be a substitute for the Hajj. In other words, they are equal in reward, but the former doesn't replace the Umrah because Hajj is essential and all scholars agree.

The Prophet (PBUH) said to ‘Aa‘ishah (wife of Prophet), once, when he ordered her to perform ’Umrah,
“It (its reward) is according to your effort”.
Al-Bukhaari (1782) and Muslim (1256) described that Ibn ‘Abbas said: The Muhammad (PBUH) said to a woman from Ansaar:
“What stayed you from performing Hajj with us?”
She replied: We only have two camels and my husband and my son had gone for Hajj (holy journey) on one camel, and he left us the other camel so that we could carry water on it. He (PBUH) said:
“When Ramadan comes, go for Umrah, as Umrah in (Ramadan) is equivalent to Hajj.”
The scholars differed concerning about this Hadeeth. There are three opinions:

1- That this Hadeeth applies just to the lady who was addressed by the Prophet (PBUH). Among the individuals who supported this view was Sa'eed ibn Jubayr among the Taabi'een, as was narrated from him by Ibn Hajar in Fath al-Baari (3/605).
Among the evidence quoted in support of this Hadeeth of Umm Ma’qil who said:
Hajj will be Hajj and 'Umrah will be 'Umrah. The Prophet (PBUH) said this to me and I don't know whether it was only for me or for all individuals. Described by Abu Dawood (1989), but this version is weak; it was classed accordingly by al-Albaani in Da'eef Abi Dawood.

2- For this virtue is attained by the person who intends to do Hajj but is not able to do it in any reason, at that point he compensates for it by doing 'Umrah in Ramadan. For by consolidating the goal to do Hajj with the execution of 'Umrah in Ramadan, he accomplishes the reward of completing an entire Hajj with the Prophet (PBUH).

It should be noted that the person who can't complete a good deed and second, thoughts and wishes that he could do it will share the reward to the person who does it – and  he mentioned some examples of that – Some ladies missed out on doing  Hajj with the Prophet (PBUH), and when he came they asked the question to him about what would up for that Hajj(Holy journey) and he stated: "Do 'Umrah in Ramadan, for 'Umrah in Ramadan is equivalent to Hajj or to Hajj with me”.

3- The perspective of the researchers of the four madhhabs and others, that the uprightness referenced in this hadeeth is general in importance and applies to everybody who does 'Umrah in the month of Ramadan. 'Umrah at the time is equal to Hajj for all individuals, not only for a couple of individuals or in specific conditions.
The most right of these opinions - Allah knows best

Benefits of Umrah in Ramadan:
Benefits of Umrah in Ramadan are countless. It is a miracle that one Muslim gets an opportunity to do Umrah by getting Cheap Ramadan Umrah Package during the month of Ramadan. Below are the Quran verses on the virtues of the month of Ramadan.
“When Ramadan begins, the gates of Heaven are opened and the gates of Hell are closed, and the devils are put in chains.”

Among all months, Ramadan is the best month because Allah says “Verily, We have sent it (this Quran) down in the Night of Al-Qadr (Decree)”.

Survey Report: 82% People of Saudi prefer to perform Umrah in Ramadan. So, if you are capable of performing Umrah then do not waste time and start preparations for your holy journey by selecting the best Ramadan Umrah Packages from a trusted company.