Friday, 2 August 2019

How Muslims Celebrate the Rabi al Awwal?

Rabi al Awwal is 3rd Islamic Month it is an important month for Muslims due to Mawlid which means the birthday of the Islamic Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him). Debates between several scholars about the exact date of birth but all accepted the month of birth was Rabi al Awwal.  According to the Gregorian calendar, the birth date was 20th April.

Allah says in the Holy Quran about His Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him):

Verily, in the Prophet of Allah, you have a good example for him who looks to Allah and the Last Day, and remembers Allah much.”

In the Arabic language, the word Rabi means “spring” and al Awwal means “the first”, therefore, the meaning of complete word Rabia al-Awwal is “The first spring”, but the starting and ending dates of month change in Islamic lunar calendar, sometime Rabi al-Awwal comes in winter, spring, summer, and autumn, therefore this meaning can’t be related to the actual season rather you can realize here that the advent of happiness comes after the dismal winter symbolically.

Most Important Events in Rabi al-Awwal:

8th Rabi al Awwal, the death of Imam Hassan Al-Askari (11th Imam of Shia Islam)
28th Rabi al Awwal, the death of Abu Talib (RA) who was the uncle of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).
12th Rabi al Awwal, Muslims celebrate Eid Milad ul Nabi
10th Rabi al Awwal, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) married Hazrat Khadijah (RA).
9th Rabi al Awwal, Eid e Shuja (Shia sect of believers celebrate this day)
18th Rabi al Awwal, the birth of Umm Kulthum bint Ali
13th Rabi al Awwal, Death of Beloved wife of Imam Hussain (Bibi Rubab)
17th Rabi al Awwal, Muslims celebrate the birthday of the Imam Jaffar Sadi
The building of Quba mosque (first mosque in the Islam) and the migration (Hijra) also took place in this month.

Commonly this event is celebrated on 12th or 17th of Rabi al Awwal. Different country’s Muslims celebrate this month in different ways but the idea behind all celebrations is the same though.

How Muslims Celebrate Rabi al Awwal?

Most Muslims want to celebrate this month and especially the birthday of Prophet (PBUH) in the area of Madina and Makkah during the performing of Umrah. Now this year 2019, Rabi al-Awwal will start from 18 October and it will end on the 19 October according to Umm Al-Qura calendar of Saudi Arabia, therefore, this may be proved a peak season for Umrah but Muslims can perform Umrah this year with Cheap Umrah Packages 2020 with Flights.

Residents of Pakistan and its surrounding countries celebrate this event by arranging the Islamic concerts in which scholars describe the role of Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) that how he led humanity from darkness to light. Muslims generally put various colored lights on streets, roads, and their homes and some of them put the green flags on homes and offices due to the green color of Dome of Masjid Nabvi. Muhammad (PBUH) was the Last Prophet and Messenger of Allah and Allah revealed the Holy Quran on His beloved Prophet (PBUH). Despite different miracles, Muhammad (PBUH) was a man, a human being.

Approximately, 7 billion people live on the planet and there is no place in the world where Muslims community does not exist. In Europe and the West, Muslims celebrate this event and month by talking about the life of Muhammad (PBUH) and His teachings.

In the areas of such parts of the world, Islam is not dominant as it is dominant in Asia and the Middle East. There is a lack of Islamic organizations to learn about Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) in Europe and West.

In fact, the best way to celebrate Rabi al Awwal is to honor Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)’s teachings. Prophet (PBUH) always emphasized the importance of helping others and carrying out charity work.


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